Hannu Kuukkanen in Rome


Rome is one of my favourite cities in Europe. After you have been there some times you'll start seeing the real beauty of the city and the real life of its original inhabitants.

Rome is modern and Rome is ancent. Just pic the raisins from this cake you like.

This is one of the beautiful alleys with private apartments of the real Romans. Here you may get the contact to the original life. Just learn some practical politeness in Italy and you will get much better service everywhere.

Street coffees are a good place to rest you feet after walking kilometers of endless streets of Rome. If you'll get tired of citylife, just jump in to some of the busses going to the surrounding hills.

Visit in Rome 2007. This picture has been shooted by my daugter Maria Kuukkanen. Bubles on the street nearby the Trevi.

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My other hobbies are:
Guitar playing and making music, renovation or building houses, building scale models, writing and reading books. Mainly historical - novels or classics.


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Hannu Kuukkanen as professional

House of statues. Be wellcome if you dear...

.. because there's someone watching you from the window.

Eternal city and its wegetation covering even roofs.

Pigeon is resting on the water-shoot of the Pantheon. Picture by Maria Kuukkanen

Not so far outside the walls of Rome there are fields full of Poppies in spring. Picture by Maria Kuukkanen.
Other trips on this site: Prague, Izmir and Ephesos

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