Visiting Ephesos in 2006

This page shows you few pictures taken in the ancient city of Ephesos.

Ephesos was the former capital city of the Roman province of Asia. The early kings of Ephesos were Hellenic blood but in ancent times all towns were independent and potential rivals. Lydian king Croesus built the famouse temple of Artemis in the 6th century B.C. as the "Wonder of the World". After 400 A.D. this temple was derstroyed and a Christian church was erected over its ruins. Later in the middle of the 6th century A.D.this curch was replaced by a Byzantine basilica.

The coast line has changed on the Mediterranean area and Ephesos is no more as close to the sea as in ancient times.

Renowed ruins are still drawing a good pictute of the great days of this ancient city.

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When you'll have this kind of floor you do not need any rugs. Wealthy tradesmen of Ephesos had money to invest to the beauty.

This building was a public library of Ephesos built in ca. 110 A.D.

Pavement of ancient Ephesos in the upper city.

Present-day audience of the huge and beautiful theatre of Ephesos built for 24,000 spectators.

Beautiful tripod of the table made of broze. Now covered by a glass plate. Picture taken in the Museum of Ephesos. The material found during the excavations has been brought here. This material gives a good sight to the every day living and high standard of art.

This pavement is part of the upper city. Now there is the ruins of the Basilica of St John.

Other trips on this site: Prague, Izmir and Rome.

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