Visiting Prague

Our visit in Prague took place soon after Christmas in 2006.

The weather was pleasant even though it was coldest winter time. Temperatutes on day time were around 0 degrees celsius.

Small beer houses by their own breweries were the most interesting places worth visiting. There isn't any picture of these - for understandable reason - but several other.


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Hannu Kuukkanen as professional

Prague is a town of beautiful houses.

Golden decorations can be irritating the eye of a northern person but this looks not so bad.

"Prague Venice" is the text on the plate behind these two black sailor men.

Instead of beer house, we are visiting here -
with my wife and daughter - in Café Slavia. One of the
best coffees in Prague. Its located on the Smetanovo
nábreží 2, near by the river Vltava and opposite to the
national theatre.
Picture and Caffe Latte: Maria Kuukkanen

Other trips on this site:
Izmir, Ephesos and Rome.

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