Visiting Izmir in 2006

I have been traveling a lot as a hobby and because of my international projects.
I have here some pictures shot on my latest trips. In 2006 I visited in Izmir, a very beutiful city in Turkey. The project meeting took place in EGE University and our host arranged a nice trip to the ancient city of Ephesos.

The second city on these pages is Praha in 2006. It was soon after the christmas so there were lot of christmas stuff all around.

The third trip on these pages is in Rome, one of my favourite cities in Europa.

These pictures - you'll see on my pages are not only trivial "tourist shoots" because they are plenty around. This is just my personal way to see some nice things when I'm on my way to somewhere.

My other hobbies are:
Guitar playing and making music, renovation or building houses, building scale models, writing and reading books. Mainly historical - novels or classics.

Izmir, Turkey 2006. The entrance of a coffee house near by the old bazar area of Izmir. Picture reflects well the Turkish world of colours.

Izmir, Turkey 2006. The entrance of a tea house in the center of Izmir.


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Hannu Kuukkanen as professional

"Buy a carpet". Rug shop on the bazar area of Izmir.

"Fast food for wild cats of Izmir". I think no one can say how many of these cats belong to some one. Cat lovers just feed them on the streets.

Very beautiful small Mosque near by the embankment of Izmir.

Restaurant on the harbour in the light of the sun set.

Dock as a part of the embankment of Izmir. The day temperatures in January 2006 were around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. A nice place to spend a winter holiday.

Other trips on this site: Prague, Ephesos and Rome.

Visit on the China pages: a trip to the Forbidden City and a visit to the Summer Palace. We allso visited the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven Park, Bell and Drum Tower, Jingshan Park (Coal Hill), Bei Hai Park, Zoo, Budhist temple, Tianmen Square

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